Our Domain

Specialized in production of Vins de Pays Charentais, the Domaine de Poncereau de Haut benefits from Jean-Claude Benassy’s passion and experience. Our wines are available for sale on our Domain. You can also find our wines in restaurants, wine merchants and groceries in Charente-Maritime.

Once upon a time…

bandeau-historique The Domaine de Poncereau de Haut, family estate for several generations, has been a farm known for its poultry farming done by Yolande and Christian Benassy. The farm also has horses, fields (wheat, sunflowers, …) and vines that contributed to Jean-Claude’s happiness since his young age.

After achieving its wine-growing studies, Jean-Claude decided to start producing wine with his father’s vines. Jean-Claude’s first wine is made from 1978 harvest : a white wine made from Ugni-blanc and Colombard varieties.

With 1981 harvest, Jean-Claude sets up on the estate and specialises in win production : when everyone in the region produces Pineau and Cognac, he decides to produce Vin de Pays Charentais by passion. Bottling is hand-made and the wine is sold to restaurants and cellarmen.

In 1983 big changes come with the arrival of Ludovic, Jean-Claude’s first son, and of the first harvesting machine. In the following years, he will start vinifying red and rosé wines to answer his customers’ demands. His first red wine will be bottled in 1986.

1991 sees Cuvée Ophélie appear short after Ophélie’s birth, daughter of Élisabeth and Jean-Claude. Both arrivals are a success to the estate !

In 1993, wood enters the cellar with the first red wine aged in oak barrel, taking the name “Cuvée Florian” – like his son born this year. Both Jean-Claude’s life and wine become more spicy.

Since 2013, Ophélie et Florian work on the estate an plan on taking it over. Since then, the Benassy family didn’t stop getting better in wine production. New products are regularly added to the range that is now made of a wide choice of white, rosé and red wines. The wines’ quality is often rewarded in regional and national contests. In 2013, Florian and Ophélie have both finished their studies and now work on the estate — a younger team lead to new methods and a fresh point of view.