Bulles à Drôles – fizzy grape juice

Bouteille de pétillant de raisin

Bulles à Drôles – pétillant de raisin

New : Bulles à Drôles* !

After tasting the aromatic quality of our grape juices this year, we couldn’t resist and now propose you this sparkling grape juice.

Made from Egiodola and Cot Malbec varieties, this fizzy juice will be the perfect aperitif for your youngsters at this time of the year.

But this grape juice isn’t only made for young people, it can also be drunk by adults, for example in cocktails.

* Drôle = child in charentais patois.

Cocktail idea

In a champagne glass, pour out :

- 4 cl of Cognac VS or VSOP

- a drop of blackcurrant liquor

- a drop of raspberry liquor

- complete with fresh “Bulles à Drôles”

Enjoy !

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